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A twenty something lover of adventure with a penchant for good food. Japanese but born and raised in Hong Kong. I received my bachelor's degree in International Politics in Tokyo, then a Master of Science in Media and Development Studies at the London School of Economics. Currently working full time at National Geographic Asia, and blogging a little on the side about the places I travel to and the stuff I eat. 


1) Are your restaurant reviews sponsored?

I attend restaurant tastings every once in a while if the offer piques my interest (e.g. preview of a new restaurant menu, introduction of a well-regarded chef, etc), however, I only post about restaurants that I genuinely enjoyed. I will never accept money to write a restaurant review. This blog started as a passion project rather than a full-blown career, and I intend to keep it that way.


2) Do you ever post a negative review?

No. If on the rare occasion you do see me posting a negative review, it's most likely because the irreparably bad experience went beyond the food that was served. Seeing that I am in no way a professional food critic, I don't believe it's fair for me to bash on a restaurant if the food wasn't to my taste - so I just don't post about it at all.

3) How many of the products you endorse on Instagram do you actually use?

Same as with restaurants, I will not post about the product unless I believe they're worth the purchase. 



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