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Our experience: 21-Days Quarantine at Dorsett Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Finally had time to sit down to write this out - and just after the CE announced that quarantine for inbound travellers would be shortened right back to 14 days because they finally decided that Covid has a shorter incubation period. ????? Could have spent that final week's worth of quarantine moniez on an entire holiday in Thailand. Cool cool.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that I really did enjoy my quarantine at Dorsett Wan Chai - costs and dumb travel policies aside. Don't think I need to mention that this blog is not sponsored, but I will anyway because nobody is obliging me to say anything here.

21 days locked in The Dorsett's Executive Suite with your partner (if you guys get along) is more than manageable. For two people, there's plenty of space and a door separating the living room and bedroom for privacy. The windows open, which I was weirdly not told by the hotel but by my followers who had quarantine'd there prior. The windows opening was the GAME CHANGER of our quarantine, and probably the most important aspect of the hotel. I know many quarantine hotels don't let you open the windows, and if we couldn't open them, we'd probably be wheezing, sick and moody due to our allergies. We rented a vacuum cleaner, which became a routine to use every morning with the windows open before we started our day.

Items we rented from the hotel:

  • Vacuum cleaner - $

  • Microwave - $

  • Nespresso coffee machine (comes with 3 sleeves of capsules) - $

  • 2 radiators (room isn't heated) - FREE

Items we rented from outside:

  • Weight bench + weights - HK$1,700 (21 days)

  • Schwinn bicycle machine - HK$2,000 (21 days) -->Rental Whatsapp: Flyup Sport ERIC +85263498214

Essentials already in the room/replenish-able:

  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash in dispensers

  • White bin bags for everyday trash, black bin bags for sheets and towels

  • Duck toilet cleaner

  • Teas, coffees, sugar packets

  • Free sodas and milk in the fridge (no refills)

  • Water bottles (replenished by the box)

  • Dish detergent + sponge

  • Kettle

Essentials that we had to foodpanda mall:

  • Moisturiser

  • Proper hand-wash

  • Kitchen rolls

  • Surface cleaner

  • Snacks on snacks

  • Good dish detergent

  • Humidifier

Now for the pros and cons of staying at this room at Dorsett Wan Chai...


  • Ahhh-mazing foodpanda / Deliveroo food delivery options. Including mall options, and you'll never feel like you're missing anything because everything is available on these apps. Probably the best on the island!

--> I particularly enjoyed meals from... Flower Drum (cha siu rice / scrambled egg cha siu rice), Wing Wah Allday (HK style breakfast), Tamjai Samgor (hot and sour fixed spicy noodles), Kyoto Katsugyu (tonkatsu pork filet set), Bibi & Baba (hainan chicken, laksa), Tian Tian (hainan chicken), Kokoro Mazesoba (mentaiko mazesoba), Hong Zhou (I LOVE their freshwater shrimp & fish ball), Northern Yuan dumpling (lamb / cabbage and pork dumps), and Kin's Kitchen (for my crispy fried noodle cravings).

  • There's a WhatsApp concierge, who you can directly ask for things from, very responsive.

  • Unlimited change of sheets and towels.

  • WINDOWS OPEN. Great air circulation throughout the space.

  • Deliveries come up to the room 24/7, without any delay.

  • Smart TV includes streaming, Netflix, Apple Tv, HBO GO, Disney+, etc.

  • Super comfortable bed.

  • Lots of natural sunlight!

  • Cool view of the horse racing track.


  • Food that is part of the quarantine package is no good. On average I enjoyed like 1/5 meals, so ended up cancelling many of the meals beforehand, and ordering delivery instead.

  • You can only get rid of your trash at 2pm every day. If you dispose of your trash outside of this time, you're liable to a fine.

  • The hotel is a little older and is carpeted, so the room gets dustier faster so we had a few sniffly moments even with the windows open.

  • It can get really loud as you're in the dead centre of Wan Chai. Lots of drilling, honking sounds, but they stop before it gets too late.

(The pros definitely outweighed the cons.)

Jonathan Lowry | Ellie Furuya Hong Kong
Hubby and I in Q

I naturally thrive in quarantine-type situations, but my partner is a lot more extroverted and hates his freedom restricted (typical Sagi), so I was a little worried about him. Interestingly though, he also enjoyed the quarantine as much as me and said he was the most productive he'd ever been... and he was able to finally detox and fully focus on his fitness. It helps to work on the weekdays, and to keep busy with a routine as the days fly by when you keep yourself occupied! I loved not having to wear makeup and using the curling iron on my hair, as letting my skin and hair breathe for 21 days made such a difference! Small things like also letting my lashes recover and grow from the numerous keratin lifts.

Jonathan Lowry | Ellie Furuya | Hong Kong

Hope this little blog helped in your decision to book Dorsett WC! Happy travelling, it is so so worth the quarantine xxx


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