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Say Goodbye to Chapped, Dry Lips with Pure Lano's Lip Treatment Set + Glosses

Anyone who has seen my lippy collection has been aghast by the sheer number of lipsticks, balms and glosses I've hoarded over the years and yet never use. In fact, out of the 50 or so tubes I keep neatly lined up on my vanity, I probably only use around 2-3 on a regular basis. So it's a pretty grand occasion when I happen across a lip product that I DO see a prospective future with - just like these PURE LANO Pure Illumination Light-Up Lip Glosses.

Full lip kit. The left is Raspberry Rose (B68) and the right Tuscan Sunset (B69), and I'm practically in love with both colours. They glide smoothly onto the lips with an amazing silvery sheen, and hold true to the "Illumination" part of their name. The best part is that while most lipglosses are sticky and gross (and the reason why people don't even bother to buy them anymore), Pure Lano's lipglosses are non-sticky and have balm-like qualities to keep the lips feeling and looking plump. The natural-based formula includes medical-grade Lanolin, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. Not quite sure what the light-up function is for, but why not?

Oh, and they smell delicious too! (Top: Raspberry Rose, Bottom: Tuscan Sunset)

This is the Pure Lano Sugar Lip Exfoliator, and I try to use this at night. The sugar is densely packed with quick-absorbing sunflower seed, jojoba and almond oils, while the Lanolin and Vitamin E provides long-lasting moisture even after you've finished scrubbing. I can't say I've ever exfoliated my lips before as it was always sort of a foreign concept to me, but now I understand - especially since lips tend to crack during winter and get a little dry around the edges. Do this at night, and apply the Lip Treatment below before bed!

Pure Lano's Lip Treatment is packaged up really nicely, but watch out if you have long nails like me because it's practically impossible not to get sticky chunks stuck in them! That said, this product is a lifesaver as I wake up every morning with full, soft lips thanks to this fast-absorbing balm. Never knew about the benefits of Lanolin to skin, but now I'm addicted to the stuff!

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