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Skin rejuvenated! Perfect 10 Diamond Facial at the Sanctuary Suite, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Spa

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

[Scroll down for the facial experience!]

Professional facials have now become a regular part of my skin care ritual, because I tend to need that extra boost of hydration and pore-care because of face masks. Masks are seriously wrecking the good work of my toners and serums and night creams - so I've been relying a lot on a combination of home beauty tech + facials.

I experienced the Perfect 10 Diamond facial at the legendary Sanctuary Suite (the suite of suites!) at Landmark Mandarin Oriental. This was my second time getting a treatment done at the Suite, which is a literal haven with all the amenities you need to relax before and after your facial. I'm talking - private functioning eucalyptus-scented steam room, huge jacuzzi, TV, lounging bed, and complimentary flavored water and snacks. It's hard to leave the room afterwards, but somehow I managed (AFTER taking an accidental nap on the lounging bed, ngl).

The facial session began with my therapist, Rose, consulting me on my current skin concerns. I explained how masks were causing the pores on my cheeks (around the nose area) to become larger and super noticeable, my chin to break out in pimples (often cystic), and the skin texture above my lip to become rough / red from heat reactions. Generally, my skin is quite dry, but I'm unable to use facial oils like I usually do because it clogs up my pores when I'm wearing a mask.


The facial began with a deep double-cleansing, going right into my pores to get rid of the pollution residue and accumulated sweat and gunk. Rose assessed the condition of my skin during this step to determine the strength level of acid peel for the next step, and since my skin was a bit more sensitive, went for the normal-strength glycolic acid peel.

Btw, the products used throughout this facial is Natura Bisse, which is a Spanish luxury skincare brand that uses highly concentrated active ingredient formulas that penetrate your skin more easily than other products. According to the therapist, this facial is supposed to help your skin transform and look precisely THREE years younger.

Anyway, the acid peel prickled a little, as the acid penetrated my skin to slough away the top layer, but wasn't painful. This product is considered a 'scientific masterpiece' for using a triple enzymatic exfoliation system with 5 different Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) that restores glow, fades pigmentation and pores, and eliminates rough skin texture.

Also, you can rest assured that you are never left alone during masques and peels during this facial! Every time you have something resting on your face, the therapist will massage your scalp/decollete/arms/half legs until it's time to move on to the next step.

After the acid peel, the next step was the magnet massage. The magnets pass a current through the skin, stimulating cells and improving blood flow. This was the part that felt so nice that I fell asleep for a while. Then something else is applied on the skin, and covered by an LED light mask. From what I recall, the colors used were a combination of blue (for calming the skin + killing p.acnes bacteria) and red (anti-aging, stimulating collagen production).

The final step was a peel-off marine algae mask, which is a very thick gel-like masque that covers your whole face and mouth except your nose. And remember, throughout all this you're getting massaged! It's pure bliss. The masque gets peeled off to reveal your radiant, new complexion, and Rose helped to apply toner, serum, moisturizer and even sunscreen by Natura Bisse.

The full facial is 90 minutes long, and not a second goes by that you're not feeling completely and utterly relaxed. There are no painful extractions, so you can really lay back and enjoy the experience fully. Whereas other facials I've paid exorbitant amounts for would leave me in a room with a masque on for 15+ minutes, you will never experience that here!


-Tighter, lifted face with more pronounced contours

-Radiant skin complexion

-Minimizes and tightens pores

-Softens facial texture

-Softens appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

-Calms down skin irritation


Booking: Tel: +852 2132 0011 Email: LMHKG-SPA@MOHG.COM

Opening Hours:



HK$2,850 (Weekday)

HK$3,050 (Weekend)


The Landmark, 15 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong


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