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Top 5 Glowing Skin Essentials

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

So I've been receiving a lot of questions regarding my daily beauty routine, especially the tanning products that I use to retain my colour all year round. I've combined products that I've used for years as well as recent finds that I now most likely can't live without - and would love to share them with you guys. Here's my way of keeping dull, pale skin at bay even through my 9-6 job at the office every day - and these are my 100% honest opinions, no sponsoring involved!


1. Bare Minerals Original Foundation with Broad Spectrum SPF15 (Golden Tan W30)

I've been through countless foundations over the years (Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Smashbox, Maybelline) and face tints (NARS, Laura Mercier), and I've gotta say that my all-time favourite is the bareMinerals Original powder foundation. I discovered it in Sephora while on vacation in Honolulu recently, and I love how light it is while providing just the right amount of coverage (absolutely no cake action!). It also gives me this amazing just-rolled-out-of-the-beach kind of glow all day long. Never had much thought before for powder foundations because I didn't understand how it could provide the same velvety smooth cover-up that Giorgio Armani does, but I was quite wrong! With bareMinerals, I also feel a lot more confident that my skin isn't being clogged up and permeated by weird chemicals. I use it in the colour Golden Tan (w30) with the fluffy "Full Flawless Face" brush.

2. Smashbox Contour Palette

This. I've already recommended this palette to most of my friends, and I'll do the same here. This was the first contour palette that I experimented with after stumbling upon it in the big Boots on Regent Street, and I never turned to anything else. I've tried a lot of other contour palettes with like, 20 different shades of brown that I can't even begin to navigate. It's just unnecessary. These three Smashbox colours are the only ones I need to sculpt & shade! There's even a little guide when you open it up so you know exactly what to do.

3. St. Tropez Everyday Face Cream (Medium/Dark) Gradual Tan Classic

This is another incredible Boots find I made while wandering around the tanning products aisle one day out of boredom in London. I've been using this face cream for two years now, and I stock up on it in bulk every time I go back to London. I use it after I wash my face in the morning, and sometimes even before I sleep at night. It doesn't make me break out, and just like it says on the packaging, the glow is gradual and therefore very natural-looking - and it smells really nice too! It doesn't contain SPF though, so make sure to still use sunscreen to protect your skin. I know you can't buy it in Hong Kong, but I'm pretty sure it's sold in most Sephoras around the world, Boots, the official website and My second favourite alternative to this gradual face tan cream is Jergen's Natural Glow Face Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen (Medium to Tan), which I stock up on in New York whenever I go back!

4. Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion (Medium to Dark Skin)

So at first, I relied on the Garnier Body Summer Body Moisturizing Lotion for a few months, but I realised it made me CRAZY yellow. Lots of streaks where there shouldn't be, and my palms were constantly stained a weird colour, even after washing them. My favourite now is the Dove body lotion with self tanner, which smells nice, provides a great bronzed glow and keeps my skin super moisturised. I'm so bummed you can't get any of these products in Hong Kong, but they are pretty much sold in any drug store in London, and probably the rest of the western world!

5. Maui Now Golden GlowTanning Oil

Admittedly, I received this one initially as a promotional gift from the newly launched tanning oil company in Australia, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't fall in love with it - because I did! I had always used BaliBody tanning oil before this, but after countless horrible leakages due to packaging issues and white towel messes with the dark brown Cacao Tanning Oil, I decided to call it quits with that one. Then along came Maui Now, which has infinitely better packaging (ZERO leaks!), is easier to apply in small amounts, and smells delicious. AND it has little golden flakes in it so you are quite literally glowing under the sun.

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