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Stone Nullah Tavern: Delicious, No-Frills American Comfort Food in Wan Chai

Step inside Wan Chai's hidden treasure, Stone Nullah Tavern, where a hearty and utterly comforting American feast awaits. Known for its aggressive happy hours, pickle-back shots and dishes made with soul, the Tavern is definitely the place to go to fulfill any indulgent craving, or simply to enjoy a great meal with friends. The other night, a few friends and I went back to the Tavern to try some newly introduced dishes on the menu along with some of the unmissable classics. Read on for a full review of some of the dishes we had!

*Not pictured but also recommended for ordering: Meatloaf Sliders with meatloaf patties, bacon & cheddar (HK$119) and Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (HK$139+60) with anchovy vinaigrette, garlic and herb croutons.

stone nullah tavern | bread

There's no resisting the bread with beef butter dip, heated to a soft simmer over the candle.

stone nullah tavern | poutine

Stone Nullah Poutine (HK$129) with mozzarella curd, caramelized onion and demi-glace sauce. As the first dish to arrive to a table of hungry ladies fresh out of work, it was descended upon with full force. I've had poutine with gravy and even curry, but never with demi-glace. It works, and goes really well with the hand-cut fries and cheesy, melting mozzarella curd.

stone nullah tavern | calamari

(NEW) Fried Calamari (HK$109) with crab fat caramel, Thai chili, and coriander. One of the new dishes on the menu - and for calamari, surprisingly sweet! Try it for the unexpected flavour twist with crab fat caramel.

stone nullah tavern | truffle mac n cheese

Black Truffle Mac N Cheese (HK$129+HK$20 for truffle) with organic egg yolk and chives. My taste buds died and went to heaven with this dish - as it does every time I have it! There can't possibly be a more decadent, satisfying and utterly delicious Mac N Cheese in Hong Kong that tops this one - and I swear I'm not being dramatic by it. Make sure to get it with the addition of Black Truffle, which elevates the dish by spades.

stone nullah tavern | artichoke pizza

(NEW) 3 Cheese & Artichoke Pizza (HK$139) with cheddar, parm, smoked mozzarella, kale, roasted garlic, sundried tomato. Pizza is one of those things I don't ever order at a restaurant if I see it on the menu, but I might have to make an exception with this one. This was one of my favourites from the night, as Hong Kong seriously lacks in good artichoke pizzas (a topping I developed a special passion for while living in London with an independent pizza shop just around the corner from where I lived that whipped up some of the best artichoke take-out pizzas, like, ever).

stone nullah tavern | bbq chicken pizza

(NEW) BBQ Chicken Pizza (HK$139) with jalapeno, cheddar, crispy onion and cilantro. I actually forgot to eat this one because I was preoccupied with something (probably the artichoke pizza), but judging by the reactions from the rest of the table, it must have been delish. Try it and let me know what you think?

stone nullah tavern | ribs

Maple BBQ-glazed Full Rack of Ribs (HK$399) with gorgonzola slaw and dill pickle. Not everyday in HK do you get to sink your teeth into the most succulent, smoky, fall-off-the-bone tender, glazed pork ribs prepared with classic American BBQ flavours and techniques (but obviously elevated x10000). I just remember the joy emanating from Rose as she sliced into the rack with as much ease as velvety smooth butter. Nom. Perfect for special occasions.

stone nullah tavern | smores

Skillet Smores (HK$99) with milk chocolate, salted caramel, hickory smoked graham crackers. Please note this wasn't even all of the dishes that we had - so you can imagine how loaded our night (and tummies!) was. Happily tipsy from the pickleback shot we enjoyed just prior to this sumptuous dessert finale, we somehow scraped up every last bit of chocolate, caramel and bubbling toasted marshmallow. Now feeling inspired to compile a list of my favourite smores desserts in HK for a future blog post ;)

Restaurant Details

Address – 69 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Contact Number – 3182-0128

Contact Email –

Instagram - @stonenullahtavern

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