Kishoku Partners with Award-Winning Mixologist Antonio Lai for Hong Kong's First Gin Omakase

The legendary Hong Kong entrepreneur-mixologist Antonio Lai has been cropping up in some unexpected yet intriguing collaborations recently, including with The Coffee Academics for their new coffee cocktail line, and most recently, with Japanese sushi restaurant Kishoku. Starting Friday, 1 September, Kishoku will be launching a delightful gin-paired seasonal omakase, featuring refreshing house-infused gin drinks by Antonio (co-founder of VEA Lounge, Origin, The Envoy, and Quinary). I was never a gin girl myself, but I was even telling Antonio last night that he had somehow converted me with his simple and delicious mixes throughout the night. Who knew gin would go this well with sushi? This would be my drink of choice from now on, probably even before sake. Better yet, I woke up the next day without any bloat or discomfort as the gin had nicely settled my stomach from the heavy meal.

The gins are infused with 1) cucumber, 2) shiso, 3) grapefruit & peel, 4) lemon & yuzu, and my personal favourite, 5) earl grey & lemon. ALL tasted exceptional and were exactly the kind of drink I like without being sweet, so I would highly recommend the pairing!

By glass, each gin drink is priced at HK$70. Simply add HK$350 to the omakase menu you choose for the full gin pairing experience. The introductory “Ki (喜 )” omakase is priced at HK$950 (4 Chef's entrees, 3 pieces of sushi), the sushi focused “Sho (嘗)” omakase at HK$1350 (13 pieces of sushi), the premium “Ku (楽)” omakase at HK$1550 and the signature “Kishoku (嘗楽)” omakase at HK$1850 (7 types of sashimi, entree, 5 pieces of sushi).

The below images + descriptions reflect the Ku omakase (HK$1550) plus the full gin pairing (+HK$350) of 5 special cocktails.

Gin pairing #1: Cucumber Gin with Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water (appetiser course)

Tasty chunks of tuna with hairy crab and pickled wasabi

Gin pairing #2: Shiso leaf-infused gin with shiso leaf and Fever Tree premium Indian tonic water (sashimi courses)

Taguio grill with sweet Chinese wax berry, Kawahagi and konbu with cod liver

Bonito fish, grilled, with flavourful onion

My favourite! The beautiful fat piece of tuna belly with shiso leaf, wrapped in grilled seaweed. Worked wonders with the shiso gin

Gin pairing #3: Grapefruit infused gin with grapefruit peel and Fever Tree light tonic water (hot dish)

The grapefruit gin was specially paired with the grilled toothpick fish stuffed with miso, okra

Gin pairing #4: Lemon infused gin+ yuzu peel and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water (sushi courses)

Ishigaki gai, white sea cockles from Okinawa that curled up on the plate

Smoked hamachi, arrives in a dome that is removed at the table

Japanese red snapper (kinmedai), slightly torched

Amazing creamy sea urchin rice (using Hokkaido ba fun sea urchin, Hokkaido white sea urchin)

The concluding dish for sushi courses - the tuna belly, ikura and sea urchin handroll. Divine!

The savoury, rich fish bone soup to serve as a delicious intermission between main courses and dessert

Gin pairing #5: Earl Grey Gin with lemon skin and Fever Tree premium Indian tonic water (FAVOURITE!)

The dessert was a creative purple yam jelly with a delicious yam paste in the center, and fresh Japanese fruit on the side (not pictured)

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