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GRACEOUS: Japanese Eyelash Extensions in Central, Hong Kong

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Whenever I'm going through any kind of 'slump' (which feels quite often tbh, especially after vacations), I always resort to beauty treatments as a sort of pick-me-up, and this time, I decided to give my eyes some life via Japanese eyelash extensions by the wonderful ladies of GRACEOUS. I recommend this lash specialist for those who are worried about extensions looking too 'fake' and exaggerated, and want to go for that natural, fluttery doe-eyed look.

The salon is located across the street from Burger Circus on 29 Hollywood Road, and next to restaurant Check-in Taipei. Google Maps might lead you down towards where Buddha Bar is, but ignore that.

GRACEOUS Hong Kong | Japanese Eyelash Extension
GRACEOUS Hong Kong | Japanese Eyelash Extension

I wanted a bit more pronunciation on my eyes without going overboard, and GRACEOUS knew exactly how to manoeuvre my wonky lashes that stick out in every direction. The ladies are happy to provide a comprehensive consultation beforehand, from the length and extremity of the curl down to observing the way you usually do your eye makeup so the extensions can mimic that style. The procedure is quite fast compared to other salons I've experienced, and a lot more comfortable. The cushy foam mattress absorbs your entire body so it feels like you're lying on a cloud for 1.5 hours.

GRACEOUS Hong Kong | Japanese Eyelash Extension

By the end, each lash was perfectly separated, and because the extensions are thin and high quality (of course, it's from Japan), it looks great AND feels light as air. My eyes are extremely sensitive to the extension glue, so the specialist made sure to fan my eyes when they started getting uncomfortable.

GRACEOUS Hong Kong | Japanese Eyelash Extension

My lashes right after the procedure. This time, I got 60 extensions on each eye, so a total of 120. Usually I do 50 per eye but since I have a few 'bald' patches, my specialist recommended the extra 10.

GRACEOUS Hong Kong | Japanese Eyelash Extension

All products used here are from Japan, from the extensions to the adhesive glue and aftercare serums. The first time I got my lashes done here, they lasted until my next session a whole month and a half later, which was more of a top-up session than anything. I bought an eyelash extension prolonging serum from them, which really helped keep the extensions intact.

I recommend making all the appointments via WhatsApp, as they respond very fast and provide all the pre- and post-appointment information on there.

GRACEOUS Hong Kong - Japanese Eyelash Extension Salon

Tel (WhatsApp): +852 6750 5677

Tel (Land line): +852-2433-5922

Address: 2/F, Hollywood House, 29 Hollywood Road Central

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 10am-8pm

Instagram: @graceous_hk

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