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[Hong Kong] Review of Plaza Premium First Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Before my flight to Tokyo, I spent a few hours at Plaza Premium First (PPF) located by Gate 1 at Hong Kong International Airport. Note that it's a different lounge from the Plaza Premium located next to Gate 40.

At PPF, there's a definite air of luxury and sophistication from the wood-and-marble interiors to the high quality food offerings and included massage service. We were given a welcome juice shot at the bar when we first entered, and an ambassador promptly gave us a tour of the spacious lounge.

The bar stocks an impressive collection of drinks, including liquors such as Glenfiddich single malt whisky, TWG teas, juices, cocktails and Lavazza coffee. You can also check out the tasty desserts displayed in the glass at the bar, which you can see a peep of in the image above.

The dining area includes a buffet and table service with a la carte menu. I was honestly blown away by this aspect of the lounge, because not only was service efficient and akin to a proper restaurant, the dish options alone were extensive and made with high quality ingredients. Examples of a la carte options include Thai Yellow Curry Chicken with rice, Saikyo Yaki Salmon, Homemade Papardelle with Beef Tenderloin in Satay Sauce and Beyond Meat Burger, among others. More options than the Cathay First lounge.

The impressive salad bar at the buffet above, and if you see below, the other options at the buffet including Jamón Ibérico de Bellota.

I had a cappuccino and ALL DAY BREAKFAST with eggs cooked to your liking, smoked bacon, chicken sausage, portobello mushroom, guacamole, stewed pinto beans and toast. So delicious.

The staff also recommended this local dish of fish ball vermicelli noodles with crispy fish skin, which I do not at all regret having after my full breakfast. The white fish broth was divine, and I wish I could have more.

I highly recommend booking yourself into PPF's relaxing 10-minute deep-tissue massage by a skilled therapist, which is included in the price when you pay entry. Subject to availability.

I moved over to the bar for some post-breakfast tea and cookies. At this point, after being stuffed with all kinds of dishes and ham at breakfast, drinking cocktails, mocktails, champagne and tea, dessert and now my massage, I think HK$880 for 3 hours is well worth it. And I'd done all that within only 1 hour.

A highly relaxing lounge experience overall, with delicious food, quiet ambiance, comfortable and plush furniture, attentive staff and great drinks. Definitely felt more exclusive and ten times less hectic than any Cathay business or first class lounge I've been in before. If I had to criticize any aspect of it, it would be that it's so easy to lose track of time and almost miss your flight. Guess I got too used to hearing blaring updates via intercom at Cathay's lounges that I totally forgot I was at an independent airport lounge this time. Other than that minor issue that probably only happens with someone as scatterbrained as me, Plaza Premium First is an ace lounge option at HKIA and you should try it.

Plaza Premium First Lounge Access

Accessibility by flights: Finnair or JAL Business Class

Pay per visit: 3 hours HK$880, 5 hours HK$980, 8 hours HK$1,080, 10 hours HK$1,180

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

Contact Details


Location: Level 6, Departures Level, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport (Near Gate 1)

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