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[Hong Kong] Stem cell microneedling facial - photos included!

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

My skin has been in a kind of rut lately (breakouts, colour dullness , bloating, hyper-pigmentation, roughness - the WORKS!) probably caused by recent stress, low sleep quality and constant contact with devices. Without getting too much into that, I sought advice from my favourite beauty consultant (who I've been going to for years!) on a good facial with quick results.

The one she recommended was the Stem Cell Microneedling Facial at TMYM Medical Spa in Causeway Bay, which is apparently what's taking the beauty scene by storm right now. Because vampire facials are so 2018. This particular formula uses cells harvested post-natal from healthy newborn umbilical cord (collected with consent and without risk to mother nor baby), which contains unique properties and blood stem cells that promote healing and natural regeneration. Purported results from stem cell facials include dramatic anti-ageing results; the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a 'lifted' appearance, re-hydrated & plumped glowing skin from increased collagen production, and decreased hyper-pigmentation.

[Scroll to the very bottom for my reader-exclusive discount details]

TMYM is a discreet, but very clean and sleek little medical spa located in L'Hart building, easily accessible from Causeway Bay MTR Exit C. The entire treatment took around 1 hour, and was a comfortable and painless procedure. The machine the therapist uses has a set of teeny microneedles at the tip, which stamps onto the skin in quick motions and lightly injects the dermis with the pink-ish stem cell formula. Pictured below.

TMYM Causeway Bay | Stem Cell Facial

She goes over the skin in light stamping / stroking motions, which, because of the tiny needles, feels like light scratching. What it's doing is opening micro-lesions in the skin, so the skin races to heal itself and in doing so, stimulates collagen production and creates brand new healthy tissue. Professional eyebrow shaping is also part of the facial treatment. Thanks for cleaning up all my baby hairs!

TMYM Causeway Bay | Stem Cell Facial

After both sides of my face were stamped and injected with the stem cells, my face felt blissfully hydrated and had a wet sheen to it. Next, a face mask with a similar stem cell formula is applied on the face for the final step of the facial.

TMYM Causeway Bay | Stem Cell Facial

This almost looks photoshopped, with my face looking literally LUMINOUS compared to the rest of my dully-coloured body. This was after my mask was taken off, and face patted with a light stem cell moisturiser. I slept like a baby last night and woke up this morning with visibly tightened and lifted, incredibly hydrated-looking glowy skin. Results are also supposed to develop over the next few days. It's crazy how one facial can instil this amount of confidence! Would recommend for you to do this in the evening so you can just zip home makeup-less, go to bed and let a good night's sleep do the rest.

If you're keen to try this out for yourself and don't speak Chinese, call or WhatsApp Adia at +852 6807 6288, one of the bilingual beauty clinicians at TMYM. The original price for Stem Cell Microneedling is HK$3,800 but TMYM medi-spa has kindly allowed me to give my readers an exclusive 70% discount (just say I referred you) and trial it for only HK$980.

Feel free to DM me here or on Instagram @furellie for any questions! xx

TMYM Medical Spa

WhatsApp or Call: +852 6807 6288 (tell her Ellie's blog referred you for the discount)

Address: 10/F L'Hart, 487-489 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. MTR Exit C.

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