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Best of... pregnancy edition!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Here's a straightforward list of all the best things I've been using since I got pregnant (not sponsored). I'm now at week 28 of pregnancy, which means I'm in month 7 out of 9!


  • Week by week detailed update on what's going on & what's forming in-utero

  • Daily pregnancy tips that are SO spot on they feel almost personalised to my journey (like it seemed to know exactly when my back would start aching, and when I'd start feeling butterfly kicks)

  • Fun baby size comparisons (choose among fruit/veg, movie references, 90's nostalgia snacks, etc.)

2. BEST BUMP OIL: Burt's Bees Nourishing Body Oil with Vitamin E

I tried soo many different oils, and this felt by far the most moisturizing and long lasting. I'm not a fan of Bio Oil for its intense smell, so I only use that for hubby to massage my back/spine with. My skin started feeling really itchy and tight towards the end of the second trimester, especially as I had dry skin to begin with, so it was good to start with a soothing oil that didn't irritate - for that I used the Pura D'or Vitamin E Oil, a scentless oil that is really easily absorbed by the skin. I actually alternate between the Pura D'or and Burt's Bees, depending on my mood.

3. BEST LEGGINGS: Lululemon Align (1 size up)

Leggings deserve a category of their own because of just how necessary they are during pregnancy! I much prefer Lululemon's Align leggings in one size up, than all of my maternity leggings that I bought on Amazon. For some reason all the actual maternity leggings I got would never stay up and would start falling down and create a little pouch around my crotch as I walked, whereas the Lululemon ones stayed put and is so buttery smooth and soft I could wear it all day long comfortably!


To this day, I still can't find any cute maternity clothes, and my best clothes for dressing "up" to leave the house have been stretchy dresses, flowy dresses, or skirts/tops in a size larger. Favourite brands for stretchy dresses are Skims and Annibody when I'm not wearing Lulu leggings and biker shorts. I get my favourite maternity pajamas from Asos, which also has a dedicated section for maternity wear.

5. BEST PRENATAL MASSAGE: Grand Hyatt Plateau Spa (Mother To Be)

Taking into account price, location, quality and comfort, I'd have to say the best mama-to-be massage I've had so far is at Grand Hyatt's Plateau Spa. It's priced at HK$1,475 for 60 minutes (inclusive of 10% service charge). Another great one I've done is at Asaya Spa in Rosewood Hong Kong, the Mothers-To-Be Prenatal Massage priced at HK$1,680++ for 60 mins on weekdays, and HK$1,980++ for 60 mins on weekends.


Here are all the prenatal vitamins I've been taking regularly, without any side effects or nausea:

  • Folic Acid 400mg (2 months before conception up to conception) - Watson's/Mannings

  • Blackmores Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Gold (positive pregnancy test up to now) - Watson's/Mannings

  • Nature's Bounty Vitamin D3 gummies (from positive pregnancy test, for energy) - iHerb

Check with your OB about whether you need to supplement your current intake with extra iron, which may be necessary for moms-to-be during third trimester.

*UPDATE* I was just told by my doctor (at 29 weeks) that my iron levels are actually too low after my most recent blood test, so I'm switching over to Thorne Basic Prenatal Vitamins, which contains 45mg of iron compared to Blackmores' 10mg. I guess Blackmores wasn't able to sufficiently supplement my diet in the end, because I don't eat much red meat to begin with.


I'm almost CONSTANTLY hungry, and I definitely am not an angel when it comes to snack food choices - I indulge a lot and help myself to the odd McDonald's, KFC, Lays, Mamee Noodles kind of junk. However, I do keep a bunch of healthy snacks within arm's reach so I can grab them easily and get full quicker. Remember to eat lots of fresh fruits, too (mangoes, grapefruit, watermelons, apples and oranges!).

All are available on iHerb:


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