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HIFU facial: Amazing first-time results at Elenora Beauty [exclusive gift for my readers inside!]

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

[Scroll down to skip the intro & go straight into the HIFU experience. Gift for my readers at the bottom!]

It's safe to say that Elenora Beauty is one of Hong Kong's first results-driven and, most importantly, honest and transparent beauty clinics in the heart of Causeway Bay. I got to know the stunning owner, Katrina Ching, whose dream of founding her own beauty center finally came to fruition with the opening of Elenora at the beginning of this year.

Elenora Beauty Entrance

Katrina explained how she had invested a lot in machine beauty treatments over the years, only to find that centers would rip her off unfairly with hard-sold packages and hidden costs, without really focusing on the optimal aesthetic results for the customer. I've definitely experienced the same thing at various places I've visited over the years, especially at this popular & hyped medi-spa that shall remain unnamed, which was one of my first experiences of HARD hard selling to the point I felt uncomfortable. Never again!

Elenora Beauty is conveniently located on 19/F of Oliv on Sharp Street (East), right next to Times Square. The clinic itself is super-chic, and employs some of the most experienced veterans in various fields of skincare. For example, there is a specialist for facials and HIFU, while there is another for laser hair removal. All the machines are of the highest possible quality, and Katrina makes sure to source the latest and most innovative models - so you know you're getting top-of-the-line treatments every time.

Elenora Beauty Hong Kong
Elenora Beauty Lounge

My HIFU Facial Experience at Elenora Beauty

I have done HIFU a couple of times before, so I was told my jaw shape wouldn't change as drastically as first-timers (but still drastic IMO - see pics below!). Elenora uses the coveted & latest 4th Edition Liftera V device, which also has 3 interchangeable device heads that send out ultrasound energy in various frequencies to target different areas of concern (e.g. lifting/defining, collagen production, and pore minimization). Of course the lifting/defining device head uses the highest wavelength, so this is the one you'll feel the most discomfort with out of all of them.

And here's the best part: Elenora allows each customer to decide when the treatment ends, and can enjoy unlimited HIFU pulses. Only once he/she sees the desired results will the session end! So for those with bigger or droopier faces who would usually require more sessions at other clinics, it's crazy good value. This is why I totally believe that Elenora is all about the customer & the results.


I started by lifting/defining my jaw area, which I always like to have a tight and lifted appearance for photos. The pulses penetrate deeper, so there is some pain. If it's too much for you, the specialist will lower the intensity - but I like to get it done and over more efficiently so I powered through. The results are immediate, and will continue to develop over the next few weeks as collagen regenerates. You can see yourself in the mirror, and assess whether you want more lift/definition on areas of your jaw or if you see any unevenness.

Once satisfied, she went on to stimulate collagen on a lower intensity on my cheeks and around my eyes, which was much more comfortable, but results for this will appear later over the next few days & weeks. My pores aren't noticeable to begin with but we tackled the pores anyway - again, zero discomfort here! I did one last check, and evened out my right side to balance my left, and it was all over in half an hour. Technology is wild.


Another thing other beauty clinics don't do is help to re-hydrate the skin after! At Elenora Beauty, I was pampered with a caviar mask post-treatment on my sort-of-achey face, and left with what literally felt like a new face (without going under the knife!).

AND THE PRICE YOU ASK? A freaking deal. Not even kidding. I've paid upwards of cumulative HK$30,000 in the past for less noticeable HIFU results in Hong Kong with older/more painful machines.

Price at Elenora Beauty:

HK$4,800 per session

Special gift for my readers & followers only!

Elenora Beauty is kindly offering my readers & followers a free oxygen facial (worth HK$1,488) with purchase of HIFU. Celebs swear by this facial! Just say I referred you (@FURELLIE) - and no, I'm not getting commission off this.

Elenora Beauty Contact Details

WhatsApp: +852-6287-1577

IG: @ElenoraBeautyHK

Address: 19/F Oliv, 15 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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