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Microblading experience at Careyou Beauty, Landmark Hong Kong [with photos]

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

After hearing so much hype around Careyou Beauty from friends for amazing brows, I decided to give it a try! Now that my brows were finally fading from my last appointment at Mi Brows two years ago, I wanted to get them touched up anyway so made an appointment via WhatsApp.

I've been using the MAC Cosmetics Eyebrow Styler (shade: Stud) to fill out my brows for the time being, and you can see how I walked into the appointment below. I usually make sure that I do my brows perfectly before going into a microblading / powdering appointment because this also gives the stylist a better idea of the brow shape and thickness I prefer (so I'm not totally blindsided by the shape they come up with!). Another tip is to bring the actual brow pencil with you, so the stylist can create a color based on what you're already using.

Pre-appointment brows

Careyou has two locations, one in Landmark and one in Tin Hau. I visited the shop in Landmark Atrium, which is located on 3/F alongside The Cakery, Caelum Greene and THEA Home Beauty. Make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand as it's a whole trek across the entire floor to get to!

The shop is very clean, and has a nice elegant feeling to it. You're made to fill out a questionnaire, then the stylist begins the consultation to figure out what you want from the appointment. I prefer feathery, full brows with an upward arch, and wanted more hairstrokes added for volume. But I also wanted to cover up the fading pigment (which was turning a rusty red color on my skin), so my stylist recommended that I first do a grey-brown powder brow (aka ombre brows) to cover up the pigment in this session. Then in the next complimentary touch-up session after the powder brows healed, she would add 3D hairstrokes on top.

Eyebrow mapping

First, she wiped off my makeup and re-drew my brows for me to agree on the shape and size, using precise measurements to map out my face and the correct position of the brow arch, etc. Then, she added numbing cream (30 minutes per brow) after I was satisfied with the design.

Numbing cream

The procedure was absolutely painless. From experience, I remember that there was a lot more discomfort with microblading hairstrokes (which literally uses a blade to slice through the skin to create the illusion of more hairs), whereas the powder brows are "tapped" in to the skin using a needle-like instrument. It took around 1.5 hours for the powder brow part of the procedure, but I can't really remember because I fell asleep midway. When it was all done, my brows looked picture-perfect!

Directly after the procedure
Directly after the procedure, different lighting

Overall it was such a comfortable experience from start to finish, with the only downside being that the booking kept getting delayed due to COVID restrictions - but that can't be helped. It's really easy to communicate with the booking team in English on WhatsApp (+85260837316), which I'm also thankful for. For the Senior Artist, I paid HK$3,000 first as a required deposit upon booking via PayMe, then HK$2,400 on the day of the procedure (discounted from a full HK$6,000 by 10% due to a friend's referral).

I'll keep updating this blog with daily pictures of the healing process! From experience, it takes 3-4 days for the scabs to begin forming, then afterwards, the brows literally solidify into a super dark scab block around day 7. Then they start to itch and flake, and I just have to be patient and let the scabs fall off naturally to reveal the dream eyebrows.

I'm not allowed to let my brows touch water for 2 days, and I have to keep applying the ointment they gave me for 3 days.

Keep checking back if you're curious to see how my brows develop over the coming days/weeks ;)

Day 2: Darker than day 1

...but not to the point that I'm hiding from public at home (yet).

Day 3: Darker & darker...

Today it feels pretty dark, and I've been using the ointment morning & night. By tonight I should be able to wash my face regularly (but very, very gently). Zero itching nor discomfort so far.

Day 4: Coming down

It feels like the aggressive color is already fading! Brows look more natural on my face and it's getting slightly thinner. I finished the last ointment dab this morning, and I'm not fussed about getting water on it anymore. No signs of flaking yet.

Day 5: Mild flaking starts

Color is still dark but I can tell it’s forming scabs, and the top layer is slowly starting to flake off. You can’t tell unless you look really really close.

Day 7: Uneven color begins!

I skipped day 6 because it was just too similar with nothing to report on - but today I noticed a chip at the end of my brow. The stylist told me to expect this, as slowly the scab starts to chip away and once all gone, the color re-settles to a darker pigment.

Day 9: Yuckkk not liking this

The most developments seem to be happening to my left eyebrow so I zoomed in on that. I miss my day 4 brows!

Day 13: Much more faded

Not many changes to my brows since day 9, but my brows are getting noticeably more faded and thinner. TOO faded now I think, but let's see how the color settles after a month. I'm using brow pencil again to fill in the parts where my scabs haven't fallen off (not filled in in the pic). For some reason my right brow has stayed consistently nice-looking, and the color seems to be flaking very evenly.


Brows are all healed now! See the latest updates on @Furellie x


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