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Perfect winter coats inspired by my favourite style icons

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

A lot of my time on Instagram is spent browsing through the stories and feeds of some of my all-time favourite style icons for shopping inspiration - @josefinehj, @lornaluxe and @aimeesong to name just a few.

In my endless pursuit of the perfect winter coat, I have only ever found a few others of the same calibre - including Max Mara's cream Soldino Coat and one by Theory. I've listed out three "influenced by influencers" coats I bought recently that I love with all my heart, and can see myself using for some time.

Let me know if you like these kinds of blog posts, as I don't do as many fashion posts on the 'gram (but boy do I shop...).

1. Double-Breasted Coated Shell Coat by Maison Margiela

I had been looking for a black double-breasted oversized coat ever since I saw a similar one on queen @josefinehj, and I found it one day whilst browsing The Outnet. Maison Margiela does a gorgeous vintage inspired coated shell trench that has a bit of bulk when worn, which means you can add allll the layers underneath if you're still cold. The coat pairs really well with a faux fur scarf and a black turtleneck.

Price: HK$24,240 on The Outnet

Shop online:

I discovered this brand one day while checking out Hannah from @cocobeautea's feed, as I was looking for a nice but versatile coat for early spring in London. The Curated is a Scandinavian-based female-run slow fashion brand that specialises in coats made with luxurious fabrics at honest prices. The material is very similar to the Max Mara one, but almost softer and silkier to the touch. I had to pre-order my classic style in Bone White and it took around three weeks to arrive, as they make the coats in very limited quantities at a time. I was obsessed once it arrived, though. Serious value for money, amazing colour and comfortable to wear. It matches everything, and upgrades every outfit without fail.

Price: HK$2,739 (GBP271)

3. Renee Faux Fur Coat by Stand Studio

I love a good faux fur coat (please don't buy real fur!), and the one that @lornaluxe posted while holidaying in Paris was the one that caught my eye. The statement coat looks impossibly chic and has hidden pockets for added functionality. I've noticed that lighter coloured, mid-length coats really suit people with dark hair, so have personally been going between black and cream/light grey/off-white coats.

Price: HK$2,718 (GBP269)

Shop online: Yoox, Farfetch, Flannels

Let me know if you have any other good winter coat suggestions. Hit me up on Instagram @furellie!


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