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Piri Piri Chicken Fix at Flaming Frango

Flaming Frango used to be my go-to hangover meal on lazy Sundays watching films, as I was especially fond of their indulgently buttery mashed potato, Frango rice and the signature chicken (pls try this after a night out, guys). They were my guilty pleasures, and nothing could get in the way of a piri piri craving. I hadn't ventured in to the actual restaurant before until now, and I kinda wish I'd come in earlier to try their food fresh, because it was definitely a great experience. The space is vibrant, the servers were extremely attentive and the food was simple yet hearty. I would recommend Flaming Frango as a place to wind down with friends after work for some much-needed (value for money!) comfort food and cocktails!

Mediterranean Salad (HK$108) - An incredibly fresh and crunchy salad with assorted young leaves, tomato, cucumber, orange, halloumi cheese, red peppers and olives. If you're already a halloumi fan, this will make you fall in love!

Portobello Mushroom Strips (HK$78) - These golden fried portobello mushroom strips tasted lovely with the 'prioli' sauce. Super crunchy exterior, but personally could do with a lot less oil (since the mushrooms absorbed them up like sponges!).

Piri Piri Prawns (HK$138) - The extra tender prawns are marinated in homemade Piri Piri mix and sauteed to perfection. One of my favourite dishes of the night, and a must-try if you're here.

The Chicken & Mushroom Frango Burger (HK$168) is assembled with mushroom, chicken, cheese, caramlised onions and served with sides of piri piri fries & coleslaw. I wouldn't go straight for the burger though if I'm dining here, as the chicken by itself tasted infinitely more satisfying!

1/4 Chicken, Leg & Thigh (HK$88) - And finally, Flaming Frango's signature chicken. The chicken itself was incredibly tender, had a nice char on the skin, and was well-flavoured. It was obvious that the chicken had been marinated for quite some time (edit: 24 hours in fact, then flame grilled), and tasted awesome with the burnt lemon squeezed over it!

Flaming Frango

Address- G/F Staunton Street, Central

Tel - 2899 2244

Hours - 12pm-12am

Web -

Instagram - @flamingfrangohk

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