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[CLOSED] Christmas Appreciation Dinner at Lily & Bloom - Read on for LB's FULL Festive Offer

As we enter December, there's no shortage of festive events, menus and seasonal offerings popping up around town. Lily & Bloom has once again outdone itself by preparing a heartwarming "Christmas Appreciation" dinner for just a few of us last week, with a lot of off-menu dishes that we so wish would become permanent a la carte items. I've never held myself to any kind of diet to speak of before (cos I avoid it like the plague), so this is probably the month that my already-hazardous eating habits reach their peak. And it definitely started with this dinner. Read below for the gory details - and if you're not in the mood to hear me gushing about dishes you can't yet order on the menu, simply scroll to the bottom and get to the part where you can find out what LB has got to offer YOU and your loved ones this holiday season!

Custom made cocktails to start! A zesty way to kick off our dinner.

So this is the one dish that actually IS currently available on the menu! Lily & Bloom does some of the best seafood I've had in Hong Kong, and this is me speaking from multiple experiences here (Oyster Tuesdays, anyone?!). The seafood trio included Grilled & Chilled Abalone, Oyster and Uni Tostada.

Seared Foie Gras with Apple Compote, Honey Jus and Lemon was an experimental dish that appeared a little crowded on the plate, however did not compromise on taste. The foie gras was perfectly seared on the outside, creamy inside, and was nicely complemented by the sweet french toast block. This was paired with a light, De Loach Chardonnay. Considering the rest of the dinner ahead, I would have been happy with just the foie gras and half the french toast!

The salt baked fish was beautifully presented, and the flesh was so tender once cracked open (table-side). Huge fan of the salt bake technique, which keeps the inside moist and flavourful. The fish tasted great just as is, with a bit of roasted lemon squeezed over it.

This "Caccio e Pepe", the Italian phrase for "Cheese and Pepper", is a very simple pasta that when done right, can be a truly spectacular dish. LB's new Head Chef Chris Grare prepared this for us tableside - with flames and everything. The end result was lovely, to say the least, with spicy notes of freshly cracked black pepper coming through with the rich, melted pecorino. Best paired with a bold red - and in our case, Chianti.

This is exactly when I start regretting gorging on bread at the beginning of the meal. Chef Chris brought in two massive cuts of Tomahawk and Porterhouse wagyu steak, grilled to medium rare perfection. Will my ACTUAL Christmas Eve dinner be able to top this meal?! I don't even know. Paired with a Ringbolt Cabernet.

I was already a fan of Lily & Bloom's cookie skillet dessert to begin with, but this?! This I never imagined in my wildest dreams. When this giant cookie skillet was brought to our table, I almost had a heart attack just looking at it. And in the best way possible, believe me. Although the table was divided on the use of the different toppings, in the words of Joey Tribbiani - WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?! Could eat this all day, every day.


Lily & Blooms festive offerings this Christmas/New Year's Eve:

From 24-26 December, L&B has prepared a special CHRISTMAS BRUNCH menu priced at HK$650+10% per person. The Bloom Salad Bar, an old-timer favourite, will be available, as well as Charcuterie & Cheese Bar, Raw Bar (oysters, mmm, and more), and a Carving Station serving Suckling Pig Porchetta and Spice Rubbed Prime Rib.

From 23-25 December, L&B has also prepared a 5-course Christmas menu for you and your loved ones to enjoy, priced at HK$888 + 10% per person. Dishes in this festive menu include Foie Gras Terrine, Warm Lobster Mousseline, Madeira Mushroom Risotto, and more.

On New Year's Eve, 31 December, guests can choose to indulge on either a 4- or 5-course menu from HK$630 + 10% per person. Dishes include Spice Cured Salmon, Bacon & Egg, Pistachio-Crusted Roasted Lamb, among many more.

Get booking before spaces fill up!

Lily & Bloom Booking Information

Address - 5-6/F LKF Tower, Central

Tel - 28106616

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