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[Bangkok] Restaurant Sühring, an Out-of-this-World Experience of Modern German Cuisine

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The last time I was here, I was solo tripping to Bangkok for a weekend and sat at the counter facing the kitchen. The Sühring brothers took such good care of me over the 12-course meal, that it was the most memorable dinner I'd ever had outside of Hong Kong (aside from the mind-blowing experience at Gaggan the night prior... yeah that weekend was just, insane).

Rose & Angel, my two foodie travel companions, know all too well my love for this place, as I'd been raving about it to them for weeks. I would advise anyone who plans on coming here to arrive earlier, around 6pm like I did last time, so you can fully appreciate the beauty of the "Wintergarten" greenhouse-esque dining area and the surrounding lush greens in the light. The pride and joy of the Suhring family, the garden is tended to perfection and really adds that extra, cosy touch to make it more of a welcoming home than a restaurant.

Suhring is a journey through modern Germany gastronomy like I've never experienced before. When most people hear German food, they might envision wurst, sauerkraut, schnitzel, cold cuts, and maybe heavier, Bavarian inspired dishes. Well at least I do. And I can't get enough of it. But the brothers have transformed traditional German cuisine into something completely other; aesthetically unrecognisable but with flavours that are comfortable and instantly familiar on the palate.

Because we had SO MANY dishes, I won't be going through every single one of them. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Restaurant Suhring | Brotzeit

Warm soft Pretzel, obatzda dip and adorable little Maß of "beer". The dip is inspired by the Bavarian dish, made with aged Camembert and butter, and the whimsical mugs are actually filled with lightly alcoholic lemonade.

One of my favourite dishes at Restaurant Suhring, the so called "grüne Soße", which literally translates to green sauce. The brothers explained how each country has their own green sauce, like Argentinian chimichurri and Mexican green salsa. The Germans have grüne Soße. An entire egg yolk is carefully injected with no less than 7 types of fresh herbs, and placed upon a crunchy potato base. It's meant to be eaten in one bite, and you bet the explosion is every bit as satisfying as you can imagine.

The excellent appetisers just keep coming in waves. This was the pork leg jelly sandwiched between herbs crackers and a dollop of some type of lemon aioli.

This was my first time trying the fun and absolutely delicious take on the Hawaiian pizza: "Toast Hawaii". Yes you read that correctly. Just for the record, I have always been #TeamPineapplesOnPizza, and this dish just might have the power to convert people over because it was so tasty. It's made with retro maraschino cherry, ham, cheese, and pineapple.

Okay, and it just keeps getting better. This dish in particular drew audible sounds of approval from my hard-to-impress dinner mates. I believe it's no longer on the menu, but I would recommend you to ask (beg) if it's available to order separately. Propped on top of the perfectly matched Rieseling Spatlese wine flutes is the beautifully creamy duck liver with hints of citrus on warm, German sweet toast.

This herring dish showcased classic German pickling and smoking methods -- which I fully appreciated as a lover of pickled food. The squares of yellow beetroot is topped with Bismarck herring, egg and fresh greens with hazelnut.

"Curry 36", German curry wurst direct from the Curry 36 store in Berlin! It was smoky, herby and was noticeably different in style from the rest of the courses -- but no less tasty.

The German picnic course that I so look forward to each time. The rustic Brotzeit spread consists of homemade pickles, 2 types of home-baked sourdough, and house butter, all to be paired with cured trout and dry-cured smoked ham.

The pink river trout was one of the more refreshing main courses, served with parsley, lemon, potatoes (heavenly), brown butter and ossetra caviar. The fish was perfectly cooked so it flaked with a touch and melted in the mouth. Everything on the plate worked in harmony, and was one of my favourite dishes of the night.

This orange wine deserves a spotlight of its own, because it was just that good. Paired really well with the fish.

And now for the mind-blowing Spatzle. The traditional recipe for these glorious egg noodles originates from southern Germany, and the Suhring brothers made this one their own. Their signature Spatzle features allgauer mountain cheese, crispy shallot and generous shavings of black truffle. Just divine.

Dessert! Now this was a refreshing palate cleanser, the Suhring brothers’ take on the classic G&T. Buttermilk & tonic sorbet with gin-marinated cucumber cubes to top. Inspirational!

Another exceptional & wildly creative dessert. The chocolate ganache is created from dark beer malt and brown butter, and paired with roasted buckwheat and yeast ice cream. Finishing touches consist of beer foam and balsamic glazed fresh mixed berry sauce. Just wow.

The eggnog. Can you believe I’ve never had eggnog before my experience at Suhring? Or maybe I have and it just didn’t even come close to the quality of the one served here, so I had no idea. Either way, the Suhring brothers’ grandmother’s eggnog recipe is simply to die for, and a great, boozy way to cap the meal. So craving this now as the weather gets colder!

Cheers to Mathias & Mathieu for yet another five star experience here!

Restaurant Suhring

Tel: +66 (0) 2287 1799

Location: No.10, Yen Akat Soi 3,

Chongnonsi, Yannawa 10120 Bangkok

Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 6pm-10pm


Instagram: @suhring_twins

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