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[Hong Kong] Fukuro: Tokyo's Izakaya Re-imagined, a New Venture by Black Sheep Restaurants

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Bringing to mind my boozy late night adventures in Kichijoji back when I was living in Tokyo, FUKURO is the latest concept by Black Sheep Restaurants styled after Izakaya, Japan's famous drinking dens. It's led by Sendai native Chef Shun Sato (previously EC of the neighbouring Ho Lee Fook) and he's done a fab job of infusing his heritage into the modern Japanese offerings at Fukuro. I would recommend for you to go with a group so you can order a bunch of dishes to share, as portions are on the smaller side. Unlike a real izakaya though, there's definitely a level of refinement in the food and atmosphere that makes this establishment great for a range of occasions - from casual to celebratory. Below are a few of the dishes we had, and LOVED!

How cute is this cocktail! The kind head bartender made this light and delicious off-menu cocktail on the spot to tailor to my picky preferences. Loved the yuzu flavour and foamy egg white.

Massive oysters (2pc priced at HK$68). I don't think I've ever had oysters this size, but they were super fresh and juicy, and would 100% recommend. Also order the Spinach Ohitashi.

Pictured: Raw Oysters, Market-fresh Fish Platter, and the Crispy Caramel Butter Corn. The house-pickled vegetables in the back were great as well. The crispy corn is to seriously die for.

Hamachi collar with Fuji apple ponzu. Light and refreshing, and a unique way to enjoy Hamachi.

Yaki udon with snow crab and crab miso butter. This was my favourite dish of the night (followed closely by the crispy corn). So indulgent, with an intense buttery crab roe flavour.

Because we got a little greedy.

Monaka is hands down my favourite childhood sweet. At Fukuro, instead of using the traditional azuki bean filling, it's a seaweed ice cream sandwich! Goes together surprisingly well, a perfect summer dessert.

Fukuro HK

Tel: +852 2333 8841



Location: 1-5 Elgin Street SoHo, Central

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