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[Hong Kong] The Peninsula Yacht

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

The Peninsula Hong Kong recently launched the third in its Holy Trifecta of transportation options - The Peninsula Yacht. The Peninsula has officially become the only hotel in Hong Kong to offer 3 forms of deluxe transportation options, including its iconic fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms by land, customized helicopter ride by air, and now, a sleek 19-meter cruiser by sea. I was one of the lucky few to experience The Peninsula Yacht's first sail last week, and the experience was just as dreamy as you'd think. Crisp fall weather, soft music, free-flowing bubbles, 5-star catering service and shimmering lights from Hong Kong's cityscape in the distance. Night yachting really doesn't get much better than this.

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The Peninsula Yacht | The Peninsula Hong Kong

As we arrived, the crew docked the yacht next to the Avenue of Stars.

The Peninsula Yacht | The Peninsula Hong Kong

The interior - not that we actually used this part of the boat. The view and weather were too perfect to be inside.

The Peninsula Yacht | The Peninsula Hong Kong

At exactly 8pm, the Symphony of Lights started up and the music on the boat synchronized to the laser light show all around us. Even after 20+ years of living here, I've never seen the light show all the way through. From the boat, though, it was pretty spectacular (and crazy romantic).

The Peninsula Yacht | The Peninsula HK

The view from the bottom deck of the boat...

The Peninsula Yacht | The Peninsula Hong Kong

...and from the cushy top deck.

Felix | The Peninsula Hong Kong
Felix | Juan Gomez | The Peninsula Hong Kong
Felix | Juan Gomez | The Peninsula Hong Kong

We rounded up our "Peninsula Experience" with a light dinner at Felix, now helmed by new Executive Chef Juan Gomez. I had the duck, which was beautifully executed and perfectly pink in the center. Also really enjoyed the extra potent cocktails by Marko Petrovic!


What: "Harbour Sunset Cruise" 2-hour cruise from 6:30pm-8:30pm, including canapes, unlimited consumption of house Champagne, wine, soft drinks + featuring sunset and 'Symphony of Lights' show

Price: HK$1,400 nett per adult, HK$600 nett per child - up to 15 passengers

What: Whole yacht charter for private functions, family celebrations, cocktail receptions, elegant pre-wedding photo shoot or on-board massage therapy by The Peninsula Spa

Price: HK$15,000 nett per hour with a minimum usage of 4-hours.

For more information about chartering The Peninsula Yacht, please call +852 2696 6615, e-mail and or visit

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