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Favourite Restaurant Experiences 2018: YOUR LIST!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Initially I was thinking of doing a post on *my* favourite restaurant experiences of 2018. But how boring. I opened this one up to all my foodie followers on IG (@furellie) - who often know more about the food I post about than me!

My question was, "What was your best restaurant experience of 2018 and why?"

I was a bit surprised by how no two restaurants from the pool of responses were the same. Despite the obvious suspects looming large on the media, there are so many factors that make a restaurant experience go from good to exceptional. It can range from being a random, unplanned hole-in-the-wall that surprised to a well-planned restaurant booked months in advance that lived up to the PR hype and Michelin stars. Either way, I was curious to know what kinds of answers the poll would rack up.

Hokkaido scallop & black truffle contisée at Écriture. Photo Credit: Le Comptoir Group

Restaurants in Hong Kong:

@aggie_w: "I went to Rhoda on the second last night of their service, and they only had limited cheesecake left but we hadn't reserved one. The server saw just how badly I wanted dessert, so they gave us one! Can't thank Chef Nate and his team more 💕"

@shell_we_eat: "Écriture in Hong Kong. Amazing food, great service and full of surprises!"

@florever_fr: "Octavium in Hong Kong. Amazing and top quality Italian food."

@eyevanram: "Cassio in Hong Kong! Amazing food, decor and service. All around really good stuff. That octopus is killer!"

@hkfoodsnob: "Caprice was wow! Service, ambience and the bread - one of the best in Hong Kong."

...and one who just took the piss 😑

@paddymcd: "7/11 on Caine Road. Best ham and cheese sandwich and monster combo of 2018."

Crabs at Heng Lei, Macau. Photo Credit: 蘇施黃

Restaurants around Asia:

@night.cap.stories: "興利 (Heng Lei) in Macau, China, because it stands as living proof that no amount of hype can replace technical skills."

@evalum: "Tamarind Springs for 'wow, where even am I?', and Chocha Foodstore for 'let me move here!' Both are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia."

@abhinandh_tobi: "Brothers Band in Vastrapur, India. The ambience is great and I loved the continental dishes 🙂"

@master_cholayil: "Nair's Mess in Chennai, India."

@kaoki08: "Secreto in in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, Japan. A gastronomical experience in a theatre-like showcase."

@pharmatphik: "SAVOY in Tokyo, Japan for the best wood oven fired pizza. Amazing crust."

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen at Jin Ramen,West Harlem. Photo credit: Pinterest

Restaurants in the US:

@cerineree: "AQUA by El Gaucho in Seattle, WA for the best seafood and gorgeous sunset views of Puget Sound."

@simohallikainen: "Jin Ramen in New York City. Basically just great tasting food, every dish is full of flavour. Best for a winter day!"

The Omnia in Zermatt, Switzerland. Photo credit: The Omnia

Restaurants in Europe:

@deepsealive: "Kaia Kaipe in Getaria, Spain. The taste beats out all the nearby Michelin stars at half the price."

@miguelgallo: "Disfrutar in Barcelona, Spain. Amazing techniques and a surprise in every bite."

@whatsponv: "Abac in Barcelona, Spain. Both innovative and traditionally delicious. Worth all 3 stars."

@tiffsud: "The Omnia in Zermatt, Switzerland! It's not a Michelin star restaurant but the experience was amazing."

@o.t.t.e.r.l.y: "Aulis development kitchen in L'Enclume. In Cartmel, UK. Unique and incredible experience."

@echen65536: "Tantris in Munich, Germany. Awesomely innovative food, slick interior and great service. Cool wine, too!"

@whereis_kvn: "Kapetanova Kuca in Mali Ston, Croatia. Family run restaurant, where vegetables are grown in the back garden."

@uweo: "Geranium in Copenhagen, Denmark. Truly delicious cooking in an incredible setting."

@jchua811: "Epicure at Le Bristol in Paris, France. Amazing classic French cooking and exceptional service!"

Virgilio Martinez of Central Restaurante. Photo credit: Travel + Leisure

... and those who couldn't pick just one:

@justin_mandel: "Gahhh I have two. Central Restaurante in Lima, Peru and Eleven Madison Park in New York City, USA."

@agro_dave: "Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand, the no.1 restaurant in Asia with a 22-course menu. Each dish is interactive and has a story! Also Ultraviolet in Shanghai, China- the walls and table are LED screens and change scenery for each course."

@slvrhmr: "Alo Bar and its spin-off restaurant Aloette in Toronto, Canada."

@macagaym: "Monsieur Bleu and Loulou for restaurants in Paris, France, and I just ate at Pierre Gagnaire's Piero TT yesterday in Courchevel, France. It was awesome!"

@hurtingbombz: "Burnt Ends in Singapore, Sri Tat in Bangkok, Thailand or Nomad in Sydney, Australia come to mind."

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