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[Hong Kong] Asaya Kitchen, Henry and Bayfare Social at Rosewood Hotel

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Over the past months, Rosewood has been busy pushing out a host of new restaurant concepts, all headlined by familiar chef names. Starting on the 6th floor, Asaya Kitchen is the city's first wellness gastronomy restaurant helmed by Chef Renaud Marin (past: Upper Modern Bistro, Cochin Delicatessen), located conveniently next to the hotel's gorgeous spa. One floor down on the 5th floor, Bayfare Social gastro-market is led by Chef Alvaro Ramos (past: Komune, El Willy Group) and connecting American smokehouse Henry Grill by Chef Nathan Green (past: Rhoda, 22 Ships).

Rosewood was already one of my favourite food destinations in Kowloon side with The Legacy House, The Butterfly Room and Holt's Cafe, so I was excited to check out the new arrivals. Chaat, an Indian gastropub concept, is slated to open on the 5th floor around March 2020, so we're also looking forward to that!

Asaya Kitchen Rosewood Hong Kong

1. Wellness gastronomy at Asaya Kitchen (6/F)

Quick story: I recently went for a body scan, and found that glyphosate was a recurring high stressor to my gastrointestinal and immune system health. Glyphosate is actually a chemical herbicide that is used on crops to kill weeds. The specialist explained to me that it meant I was consuming a lot of glyphosate residue found typically in vegetables, meats and processed foods. This made me realise the impact of eating out almost everyday - because even if you feel all glowed up from ordering a kale salad at a restaurant, that salad could be full of cheap, GMO-ridden vegetables that totally defeat the purpose.

Asaya Kitchen is one of the only restaurants in Hong Kong that made me feel at ease with what I was consuming. Taste-wise, the dishes are much more subtle, as practically all ingredients are organic and without harmful additives in the seasoning so the natural flavours come through better. For example, the seasonally changing vegetable plate takes its produce from Rosewood's own little urban garden, and seafood are sourced fresh from local fishmongers. I am a huge fan of Chef Renaud's hearty French style of cooking from his Cochin bistro days, and it's interesting to see how he applies it in a luxe, health-conscious dining format at Rosewood. Also very impressed by his zero-waste policy, which means he makes it a mission to find creative uses for all leftover ingredients that would typically be thrown out.

Some dishes I really liked...

-Sea bream carpaccio

-House-cured squid

-Basil potato gnocchi

-Lentil soup

-Mushroom tea with soba noodles

-Persimmon tart

Opening hours:

Lunch: 12:00 – 14:30 p.m. Dinner: 18:00 – 22:30 p.m.

Henry Grill Steakhouse Rosewood Hong Kong

2. Southern-style smoked meats at Henry Grill (5/F)

This was my first real taste of "deep south" American BBQ in Hong Kong (that isn't a pop-up fried chicken joint) and it was just as good as I envisaged it. Chef Nate Green is truly in his element as he smokes, dry-ages, charcoal-grills and fires up delicious meats from family farms all around the US. Notably, meats like Allan Benton's prized bacon that is cured in-house at Henry, pampered pure-bred lamb from Elysian Fields (a farm co-owned by Chef Thomas Keller), and gorgeous Black Angus from 44 Farms in Texas. Make sure to order as much of the sides and desserts as possible! Great overall vibe with plush leather seats, eye-catching bar and lively ambience, and perfect for all sorts of occasions. Service here is 10/10.

Some dishes I really liked...

-Steak tartare

-Red corn grits with okra

-Mashed potatoes

-Cajun curly fries

-House-cured bacon

-Dry-aged 44 Farms black angus

-Cornbread souffle

-Chocolate fondant

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 6 – 10:30 p.m.

Click here for full dinner menu

Bayfare Kitchen Rosewood Hong Kong

3. Asian-inspired tapas & deli at Bayfare Social (5/F)

What a fun restaurant concept! Bayfare Social is styled after Europe's bustling plazas, with various specialty counters throughout the large space. There are counters for hot tapas and paellas, wine and jamon, pastas and noodles, deli-style salads and sandwiches, and desserts. I really love the casual and laid-back feeling here, with dishes that are serious value for money - like the large seafood paella (pictured) easily shared among 4 is only HK$240. You can sit or order at the counter for takeaway, or book a table and enjoy proper table service. There's also a breezy terrace if you want to kick back with an aperol spritz and a view, and blankets if you feel cold. I have yet to try the Asian noodles and dumplings - but I'll have plenty of opportunities to come back since it's so close to my office.

Some dishes I really liked...

-Tuna tartare with avo (poke-style)

-Burrata salad

-Seafood paella

-Mac & cheese


-Red velvet cookie

-Any of the sorbets

Opening hours: Daily, 11:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Click here for all-day menu

Rosewood Hotel is located at no.18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram at @furellie. To read about my staycation at the super-luxe Rosewood Residences, click here.


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