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[Hong Kong] Hung Hom Restaurant Guide

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

[Last update: Nov.1.2019]*

Some of you may have guessed from my Instagram stories during the week that my 9-5 office is located in Whampoa, Hung Hom. Over the four years I’ve worked here, I’ve discovered a ton of neighborhood gems and there are a few favourites I’d love to share with you guys! I will keep updating this post.*

1. Shanghai Bao Gao Dim (Dumplings)

My new favourite place in all of Hong Kong for authentic Shanghai-style dumplings. Not only is the menu mind-blowingly cheap and delicious (e.g. HK$30 for 4 homemade pan-fried dumplings, and HK$10 for a generous portion of scallion pancake), the dumplings are all homemade down to the dough. You can see the entire production process with rows upon rows of freshly assembled dumplings waiting to be fried or steamed sitting on countertops, and probably one of the staff expertly kneading dough in a corner. It’s a tiny family-run shop, and has very limited seating, but the kind auntie always manages to squeeze us in for lunch. I recommend the juicy pan-fried pork bun, pan-fried & steamed pork dumplings, scallion pancake, xiao long bao and homemade soy milk.

Tel: +852 2802 2266 Address: G/F 6 Ming On Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong Openrice:

2. 一品流芳 in Nine Seafood Place (Hong Kong Noodles)

My go-to restaurant for a quick Hong Kong-style noodle fix! It’s located right at the entrance of Nine Seafood Place next to Pizza Express, and serves up delicious Hong Kong-style noodles. The menu houses a variety to cater to all cravings, from beef tendon and tripe (innards) to fish balls and fish skin to the classic wonton noodles with bouncy, perfectly textured egg noodles, which is the one I usually get. And they also do a killer homemade chili sauce.

Tel: +852 2366 2988 Address: Nine Seafood Place, 8 Tak Fung St, Hung Hom

3. New O Restaurant (Cha Chan Teng)

My cha chan teng-loving colleague took me here one day, and I am still dreaming about my scrambled egg char siu lunch! This restaurant is styled after the traditional Hong Kong tea house, serving cheap and cheerful eats in a no-frills setting. I don’t go here as often because there’s usually a bit of a wait during lunch (not long though). Some of their signature dishes are the satay beef instant noodles, thick-cut toast with runny scrambled egg and ham, condensed milk toast and the amazing egg omelette fried with chunks of succulent char siu.

Tel: +852 3702 0221 Address: Shop F1, G/F, 53-73 Man Tai Street, Hung Hom

4. Teawood (Taiwanese Noodles)

I know this place is a chain, but I can’t help but add this to the list because this is probably one of my most-frequented lunch spots of 2019. I always order the comforting and intensely flavoured Taiwanese stewed beef noodle soup, which comes with thick carrots, radish and melting tender beef. Sometimes I get the chicken wing noodles, which comes with black sesame in the soup broth. Definitely the best Taiwanese style noodles in the area, compared to other restaurants I’ve tried.

Tel: +852 2303 0122 Address: 1/F Shop 116 Whampoa Gourmet, Whampoa Garden Site 8, 7 Tak On Street, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

5. K-Bap Korean Cuisine

I remember this being the first restaurant I was taken to by my colleagues. It's a really casual Korean place, and my go-to order is the oxtail soup set with rice and homemade kimchi. I've also come here for Korean fried chicken binges (good for groups!), as well as for the yummy Korean sushi rolls. The lunch sets are great value for money, and I recommend it for a satisfying bite.

Tel: +852 2334 5567 Address: G/F 16 Man Siu Street, Whampoa, Hung Hom, Kowloon (Whampoa MTR Exit A)

6. Full House Seafood Chinese Restaurant (Dim Sum)

Full House isn't as cheap as the other options listed above, but it's worth a visit if you're looking for nicer dim sum dining especially for a larger group, or with friends visiting Hong Kong. The Cantonese dishes here are quite well known for their excellent taste and technique, and popular ones include the honey-glazed char siu (barbecued pork), crispy chicken, salt & pepper fried tofu, and baked sago dessert. If you have a group, it's worth pre-ordering the whole suckling pig too.

Tel: +852 3169 0880

Address: Shop 6 & 7, Nine Seafood Place, G/F, Lily Mansions (Site 9), The Whampoa, Hung Hom Openrice:

7. Gyu-kaku (Japanese BBQ)

Great value for money! While of course the quality of meat will never be able to match up to places like Yakiniku Great, Jumbo or Nikuya, lunch here always hits the spot with some of my favourite deals of all-you-can-eat Korean seaweed layered rice bowls with add-on option of onsen egg, and the different sauces for the BBQ meat. If you have to choose one, get the salty oil sauce. A wagyu set begins at HK$125 with 8 kinds of assorted wagyu cuts (I always go for Set E), and you can add on all the fun stuff like seaweed soup.

Tel: +852 3904 1368

Address: Shop G1, G/F, Deli Place (Site 4), The Whampoa, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

8. TamJai SamGor (Numbing Spicy Yunnan Noodles)

If I ever feel like punishing my tummy a bit with delicious Chinese numbing spice, I always make my way over to TamJai SamGor down the road (because no thank u, Nam Kee). A bowl of noodles goes for less than HK$50, and I always get the rice noodles or sweet potato noodles with mild spicy level 2 (already so spicy for me) with toppings of double ham, fish balls, pickled veg and chives. Either that or the Sour & Spicy (set spiciness, much more manageable) which is also such a tasty soup base with the rice noodles. Bring a Canto-speaking friend here if possible, as the menus don't really have English.

Tel: +852 2333 0168

Address: Shop 13-13A, G/F, Lily Mansions (Site 9), The Whampoa, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

9. Sze Sun Hamburger (Cha Chan Teng, HK-style Hamburgers)

This is a really simple cha chan teng-style restaurant that serves the classic menu - instant noodles with pork chop and luncheon meat, curry beef brisket, hot milk tea, scrambled eggs and the like. But people tend to go here for their Hong Kong-style hamburgers. I usually order the single layer patty and melted cheese (or egg), which is only around HK$30 or so. A set with burger, fries, chicken leg and lemon tea is around HK$69.

Tel: +852 2387 2868

Address: Shop G22-G23, G/F, Home World (Site 12), The Whampoa, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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