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Astronautics O2 Therapy: The Ultimate Face Brightening Treatment at High Society Skin Clinic

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

No matter what kind of face mask or moisturizer I use, my skin has been in a constant state of dehydration. The blasting A/C, recycled air and lack of Vit D in a 9-6 office job has seriously taken its toll on my poor skin, especially the sensitive area under my eyes. I feel like a lot of you can relate to this, so here's a great (and totally affordable - pricing at bottom) option for restoring that glow!

After checking out Princessbrow's new Astronautics O2 Therapy to try to combat all the above, I was really thrilled with the results. I'd never heard of oxygen therapy before - and maybe you haven't either - so let me explain what goes down during the 1-hour-long treatment. The purpose: to rejuvenate tired skin, regenerate damaged skin cells and improve skin texture/acne-prone skin.

1) Face cleansing

I have to say - this was the most thorough face cleansing I ever experienced during a facial. The therapist (mine was Sam) really removes every trace of makeup on your face, including eyeliner/mascara residue around the eyes. This part was bliss because the therapist also works in a face massage to get the blood circulating.

2) Oxygen Revitalizing Booster with Serum

The therapist then takes a little metal instrument that blasts high concentrations of oxygen mixed with a special serum into your pores. A moisturizing anion mask is applied in preparation for the next step.

3) Astronaut Oxygen Dome + Anion Mask

A massive dome is placed over your head, and it's hooked up to a machine that blasts high concentrations of o2, which catalyzes the anion mask. After around 20 minutes of soft blasting, the dome is removed.

4) Organic Rose Petal Lux Modeling Mask

Now to restore the moisture in your skin. A heavenly-scented natural rose mask is poured over your face, and kept there for a couple of minutes. The mask is then peeled off in one piece, and voila, your bright new face is revealed.

Other benefits of Astronautics O2 Therapy...

  • Promotes collagen production

  • Detoxifies body

  • Restores ph balance

  • Generates more than 90% oxygen in skin cells

  • Promotes skin cell metabolism

  • Acne improvement

  • Relieve hangover, cold, allergy and headache

Astronautics o2 therapy | Princessbrows

Astronautics o2 therapy | Princessbrows

Astronautics o2 therapy | Princessbrows

This is me directly after the treatment. Zero makeup, mask removed, toner & moisturizer rubbed in, and feeling almost like an entire dirty layer of skin was removed from my face!

The current trial price for the Astronautics o2 Therapy is HK$850, and original price is HK$1,500 - please contact High Society Skin Clinic directly for more information.

High Society Skin Clinic (by Princessbrows)

Address: Unit 1604-05 (16/F), Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


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