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[Immunity Boost IV Drip Review] My Experience at Medical Spa LifeHub Hong Kong

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

If you want to skip my experience portion of this post, scroll down to the bottom 3 images for the full list of treatments available and full pricing system at LifeHub. They do skin treatments, hair rejuvenation, lab tests for food intolerance, fertility, and more, as well as IV drips for a range of other purposes like energy boosting, better sleep and stronger metabolism.

My experience at LifeHub starts here. The medi-spa is located at The Loop on Wellington Street, on the same street as Tsui Wah and Interval Coffee Bar. For over a week, I'd been suffering from a cold-turned-bronchitis, with a heavy dry cough and I was pretty delirious from the sleep it deprived me of at night. That day, I had collected antibiotics and a few allergy pills from a respiratory specialist in Quality Health Care, but I wanted to try something else to expedite the healing process. Coughs are harder to cure, and I was a little more desperate this time because I had a couple important events coming up in the week and going skiing in Switzerland the week after.

I contacted LifeHub first via Direct Message on Instagram, and their responsive was very swift. I was a bit disappointed in the other contact methods because their website wasn't working and no one picked up the phone when I called, but I guess they've only been open a month so still very new. I arrived, filled out a form on basic information and the meds I was currently on including antibiotics and went in for my doctor's consultation. This is the first step so the doctor can prescribe the appropriate IV drip for my needs, and in case you're wondering, this is a certified in-house doctor. He was easy to talk to, and even offered me some interesting advice on the meds I had been given by the previous doctor at QHC. He prescribed me the Immunity Boost IV after I explained my circumstances, and I went down to the 1/F for my treatment. Continues below.

This is the 1/F, where all the treatments take place. The lobby area here is set up like a little remote working space, where people can set up their laptops while doing a Pure Oxygen Aromatherapy session - you can see the glowing machines set up at the end of the table.

Once seated, the lovely and informative nurse explains everything to you. The needle going in is the only uncomfortable part of the whole thing, but it's over in a second. I requested for the Aromatherapy Pure Oxygen Therapy, which is an additional HK$45 when done during the IV drip. I was also given a glass of Taboocha (kombucha drink) on tap.

Looks a little alarming, but feels like nothing. The 45 minutes go by really quickly, and you can spend it by perusing magazines that they give you, people-watching passersby on Wellington, or playing around with your phone.

The oxygen therapy sent subtle scents of sage and citrus through my nostrils along with purified oxygen, and it was the most heavenly feeling. Even stopped my coughing for that full 45 minutes I was sitting here.

The bill came to a total of HK$925 for the Immunity IV drip (880) + Oxygen Therapy (45). This is all also inclusive of the doctor's consultation. To compare, the consultation alone at Quality Health Care (without medicine nor x ray) cost me HK$1,000, so considering LifeHub did a lot more for my immune system, I'd say it was a great deal.


STOP SCROLLING. Full list of treatments and prices at LifeHub are below:

LifeHub Hong Kong

Instagram *how I made a booking: @lifehubwellcare

Tel: 852 3622 3452


Location: 1/F The Loop, No.33 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Follow me on Instagram at @furellie.

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