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Blue Supreme: Hong Kong's best bar food?

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Making its debut in a quiet Sheung Wan neighbourhood just off of Hollywood Road, Blue Supreme is a cool little concept revolving around imported craft beers and elevated bar fare. It's easy to find, and was already buzzing with happy hour-goers when we arrived at 7pm on a Friday evening. The kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Leonard Cheung, whose previous tenures include Twenty Six by Liberty, as well as 3* Bo Innovation, and 3* 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo. Also, coincidentally, we both went to school together at HKIS growing up - so my visit to Blue Supreme made for a nice reunion.

A quick glance at the food menu told us this was going to be far from an average bar experience - and we were right. The menu is short but sweet, with delicious, creative and inventive dishes that put Blue Supreme on par with any rated dining establishment out there. Without all the pretentiousness. Fries were on point, cornbread like nothing I've ever had in Hong Kong, and chocolate chip cookies to die for -- I could go on (and I will). Read on for more:

Provencal Fries | Blue Supreme

Provencal fries with paprika, herbs and citrus (HK$68)

paired with Hop Harvest by Brouwerij de Ranke

Crunchy, herbaceous and so addicting with the lemon aioli dip. The other dipping option is horseradish.

Corn bread | Blue Supreme

Lowcountry cornbread with smoked butter (HK$65)

paired with Wit by Brouwerij St. Bernardus

This cornbread had me nearly in tears! So buttery and comforting, and apparently baked almost entirely with cornmeal with a touch of pink peppercorns. Served with homemade smoked butter & chives.

Dao miu | Blue Supreme

Dao miu (HK$108)

paired with XX Bitter by Brouwerij de Ranke

Dao miu, one of my favourite Chinese green veggies, stars in this uniquely western-style dish. It's made two ways, raw and charred, with confit garlic-dao miu sauce, mint, fiore sardo and flavourful pancetta. You'd be able to convert a veggie hater with this one.

Scrambled Egg | Blue Supreme

Soft scrambled egg with salmon roe (HK$155)

paired with Moriau Geuze by Brouwerij F. Boon

Scrambled eggs made with créme fraiche on and off the heat, topped with trout roe, fresh chives, and a crispy piece of prosciutto. Such a sucker for egg dishes, especially when the eggs are this fluffy!

Zuwai crab with fennel and uni (HK$230)

paired with Saison de Dottignies by Brouwerij de Ranke

This was our agreed favourite out of all the savoury dishes. The crab tasted so fresh, as did the sea urchin on top, and the fennel cream and grape halves tied the dish together so beautifully. Try to get a bite with everything - crab + grape + uni + fennel + fennel cream = love.

Iberico pork chop | Blue Supreme

Iberico pork chop with brussel sprouts (HK$210)

paired with Saison by Fantome

The charred brussel leaves and toasted hazelnuts complemented the Iberico pork meat really well. Loved the sweet, savoury flavours going through this dish with the green apple too. Definitely coming back to try the other meat dish on the menu, the USDA prime striploin with maitake.

Milk Cookies | Blue Supreme

Milk & Cookies (HK$60)

paired with Noir de Dottignies by Brouwerij de Ranke

I expected another skillet-baked cookie with vanilla ice cream melting over it. But I was totally mistaken. These were proper, homemade chocolate chip cookies with large shots of mint-infused milk on the side. They're flash-baked for 5 mins, resulting in the incredible fluffy texture of the centre. A special recipe of the chef since he was 8 years old.

Beet Marigold | Blue Supreme

Beet & Marigold (HK$75)

paired with Cuvee by Brouwerij de Ranke

A spontaneous dish by Chef Leonard, with beets that he rightly deemed were sweet enough to make a dessert out of. I've never had beet in a dessert, but it worked really well with marigold, marigold milk and grapes.

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Restaurant Details - Blue Supreme

Tel: 2323-3633

Address: 21 Tung Street, Sheung Wan

Instagram: @bluesupremehk

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