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Sky-high Boozy Brunch at Seafood Room

Brunch is as lavish an affair as you'd expect at Seafood Room, the newest dining sensation to hit Causeway Bay. The restaurant is located high above the bustling streets of CWB on the 26th floor of Tower 535, and boasts gorgeous sweeping views of the city. A drink on the terrace and rooftop lounge is a must on any visit here! Even inside, the dining room features floor-to-ceiling windows so you can pretty much expect a grand view anywhere you sit.

Executive Chef James Cornwall (previously of J. Sheekey's in London) impresses time and time again, serving up delicious seafood sustainably sourced from all over the world - including from local fish mongers right here in Hong Kong.

From what I experienced, Seafood Room's brunch is definitely one of the best the city has to offer (dare I say, the best?), with an all-you-can-eat seafood/salad appetiser buffet, caviar with blinis to start, a hearty fish or meat main course, and dessert platter (HK$598/person, add +$338 for free-flow Perrier Jouet champagne & signature cocktails). Read on for full details of the experience + restaurant information.

Not only is every dish at the appetiser buffet delicious, but stunningly set up as well. The two at the front were my faves: tender Alaskan king crab legs and raw tuna with avo & truffle oil. Oh, and go nuts on the free-flow oysters at the end of the table.

Salmon sashimi beautifully presented by the bowl. Let me repeat: FREE-FLOW SEAFOOD.

The seafood isn't the only thing that takes the spotlight at the buffet! Make sure you try the different salads, including this colourful and delicious beetroot salad (also available in the a la carte for lunch or dinner).

Admittedly, James spoiled us with this gigantic tub of Siberian Sturgeon caviar, but expect to kick off any brunch at Seafood Room with some black gold and blinis to enjoy with your champagne/cocktail.

Pictured here: Caviar with blinis, egg, shallots and creme fraiche.

Does brunch get any prettier than this?! This is just from the 'appetiser' buffet, too. Forgetting about our main and dessert to come, we definitely made one too many trips to the buffet counter.

I opted for the Sea Bass for my main, which turned out to be a great choice. The fish was crispy-skinned and tender, bursting with flavours from the lemon, sea salt, and herb stuffing. The dishes are of course seasonal, so the mains may change according to when you go. But from what I remember, the menu will always include a meat option if you feel like something heartier (e.g. free range roast chicken).

By this point, we were close to bursting and didn't know if we could go on. But as soon as we laid eyes on the dessert platter, all notions of fullness were forgotten and we dove in. Absolutely #noregrets.

Pictured from left to right: Yuzu Tart, Lime Sorbet with Fruits, Peanut Butter Bar & Cheesecake.

*Note: Brunch at Seafood Room is served on Sundays only, from 12pm-4pm

Seafood Room

Address: 26/F, Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay


Tel: +852 3708 9668

Instagram: @seafoodroomhk


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