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[Preview Dinner] Osteria Marzia, Black Sheep Restaurants' newest Italian concept housed within t

In anticipation for the opening of Osteria Marzia next week, Hashtag Legend joined forces with Black Sheep Restaurants (La Vache, Chom Chom, Carbone) to host their first #LegendEats event to preview the new Italian concept. More on the event HERE.

I walked in amidst choruses of buona sera! by staff wearing possibly the cuuutest restaurant uniforms that I've seen in Hong Kong. Think navy linen jackets, striped shirts and preppy sailor vibes. The venue is at the ground floor of The Fleming, a boutique hotel in Wan Chai currently under renovation and soon to open alongside Marzia. The design really did remind me of my trip to southern Italy way back when (with a touch of refinement!), with a blissful sense of dining right on the Amalfi coast. The dishes are of course centered around fresh Italian seafood, and we enjoyed a sneak peek of the rustic Italian menu by Executive Chef Luca Marianelli (previously Buenos Aires Polo Club) and wine pairing by Head Sommelier Devon Lochhead.

Osteria Marzia | Hamachi

The first taste we had was of the Hamachi - a light Italian crudo with cherry tomato and basil olive oil. It was refreshing, flavourful and the use of tomato for the sauce was a definite winner. Another starter we had, the Beef Carpaccio with parmesan (not pictured) was slightly bland.

Osteria Marzia | Sea Urchin Spaghetti

The predicted dish that'll have Hong Kongers flocking for bookings at Osteria Marzia - the Spaghetti Ricci, a delightfully creamy spaghetti using Italian sea urchins. This was the dish that reminded me of the seafood pastas at Capri the most. Rustic al dente home-made spaghetti with minimal ingredients and big, robust flavours.

Osteria Marzia | Mozzarella Ravioli

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the Mozzarella Ravioli more than the sea urchin spaghetti. I loved the slightly sour mozzarella encased within the homemade ravioli noodles - especially combined with the seared eggplant, basil and colatura di alici - a type of fermented Italian anchovy sauce. Delicious!

Osteria Marzia | Branzino Acqua Pazza

Eliciting 'ooh's and 'aah's across the table was the magnificent Branzino Acqua Pazza, a whole branzino poached in a light herb broth containing clams, olive oil and cherry tomato. The meat was tender and absolutely delicious. Fish lovers must order this to share as a main among 3-4 people!

Osteria Marzia | Lombata Beef

While the Lombata arrived with the Branzino and was momentarily forgotten, when we finally tucked in, we just couldn't decide on which we thought tasted better. The beautifully seared sirloin arrived with a reddish-pink center, and came slathered with anchovy butter and crispy shallot. Not pictured is the side of Zucchini Fries that I'd never have believed to work but thought were totally addictive.

The look and feel of the restaurant - pretty, right?!

Osteria Marzia | Dessert

The chocolate cake was sooo indulgent and tasty. Must try.

Osteria Marzia Address - 41 Fleming Road, Wan Chai

Tel - +852 3607 2253

Instagram - @osteriamarzia

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