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Fuss-free Natural Lash Extensions at L for Lashes

Having finally recovered from the horrors of my first lash extension experience almost 6 years prior in Japan, I thought - okay, the beauty industry has had over half a decade to improve on this particular technology, so why not give it another go? I did some serious research on the top salons in Hong Kong to get temporary eyelash extensions done, and I happened to land upon L for Lashes. And I'm so glad I did. Here's the short version of it all: smooth consulting session, meticulous beauticians, natural-looking results, easy maintenance and long-lasting wear. Read on for details!

The salon itself is located on the highly accessible Stanley Street, just off of Lan Kwai Fong. The elevator doors open to a pristine, white marble space with a friendly concierge in the center. The pre-treatment consulting session was an absolute necessity for me to ensure that I could communicate exactly what I wanted, and I was relieved to know that they spoke and understood English perfectly.


So here's exactly why L for Lashes is about to become my new go-to for future lash extensions following my first experience - which, frankly, couldn't have gone better. The lashes that they use are made of a high quality synthetic material (rather than human or animal hair, which can cause itching and allergies and also, gross) called PBT memory fibers, which are easier to clean and even prevent the build-up of bacteria. It's actually good that I had such an awful experience with extensions in the past, because I can easily compare the two totally different experiences now. Normally, synthetic lashes are heavy, dull and matte-coloured, but I noticed that L for Lashes uses feather-light extensions that I barely even noticed were there. The beautician uses a technique where the lash is placed precisely 1mm above the eye line, so there's zero itchy discomfort when blinking.

Once we decided on the length, curl intensity (yes, there are several options!) and shape (winged, cat eyes, all even across, etc.) at our pre-treatment consulting session, I was ready to begin. I pretty much fell into a deep sleep for a good part of the treatment, as each eye took around 45 minutes to complete and the bed/chair is super comfortable to lie in with a fluffy blanket over you. Not complaining though, as I'm glad so much time and effort was placed into each lash!

An easily removable white pad is placed underneath the eye so the beautician can work on the top lashes with ease. Didn't get my bottom lashes done this time. Also, I actually had made the mistake of coming into the salon with lashes already curled, which made the result a lot more dramatic than I had initially envisioned. The next day, though, it settled down perfectly into what I wanted - and I'm glad I didn't end up removing some of the lashes:

This is how it looked for a good 4 weeks after the treatment! And I know there's the scare of when the lashes actually start falling off, but it looked natural enough that there were never any panic-inducing gaps. What I was actually more impressed by was that since the lashes are so thin and light, they tended to fall off on their own rather than taking my lash with it. Now, all of them have fallen off but my real lashes have stayed strong and healthy. This was the opposite case 6 years ago, when I practically had bald eyes due to my real lashes falling off with the heavy extensions. I recommend L for Lashes if you're looking for a fuss-free extension experience, with guaranteed great results and comfort in knowing only the highest quality materials are being used!

L for Lashes

Address - 25/F 11 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong

Tel - 3580 0853

Email -

Instagram - @lforlashes

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