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Superfood Brunch at Shoreditch, Kennedy Town

Shoreditch, the funky modern British concept located in Kennedy Town, has introduced a new superfood weekend brunch that should appeal to all the health-conscious fitness-loving crowds that Hong Kong seems to be spawning in hordes nowadays. Even if you're not all about that #fitfam life, Shoreditch also has a ton of hearty British offerings that make me seriously nostalgic for my days spent Sunday Roast-ing in London. I'm not big on grainy super food, so I was happy to try dishes like the cheeseburger, custom-made cocktails and delicious reinvented classic British desserts that were also served at brunch. Read below for details.

Shoreditch interior vibes. I've recently fallen in love with Kennedy Town's generally sleepy ambiance on the weekend, making it an ideal spot for brunch or afternoon drinks. Feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of Central/Causeway Bay! Makes me remember days in London when I would walk over to The Hoxton on Holborn every morning to study and write papers at the cafe all day long.

An absolutely delicious cocktail custom made for us, and which went perfectly with the breakfast food. Cucumber/pear, elder flower syrup and vodka.

Yogurt, home-made cereal, chia seeds, fruits. Pretty self explanatory, and nothing not to like!

Cured salmon, poached runny egg, Hollandaise, lettuce over wholegrain toast. I actually didn't try this dish because, typical me, I was fixated on the burger (below!). From what I gathered from those around me who did manage to snag a bite, this is pretty good & worth the try!

I loved the miniature size of this burger and chips, because somehow it was just enough that it left me wanting more for next time. It was a little well-done for my liking, but something that can be easily adjusted!

Shoreditch - Kennedy Town

Tel - 2242 3777

Address - 18 Catchick St, Kennedy Town

Instagram -

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