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Tiger Curry: Wing Eating Competition, Anyone?

Tiger Curry has been around forever, but I hadn't gone until last night's preview tasting - simply for the reason that I personally am not a fan of Japanese-style curries (I know, I know). BUT, it turns out there are a ton of other delicious menu items on offer that I didn't know about, including juicy and perfectly crisp chicken wings, rice dons, fries with a cheesy curry dip, and all kinds of sumptuous udon variations. Backtracking to the wings for a second, Tiger Curry has just introduced a brand new Happy Hour which entails the most incredible deal of HK$99 for ALL YOU CAN EAT wings and beer! This new HH had people lining up at 4pm on the first day it launched this month, so it's definitely gonna be a popular one for all the lovers of that chicken & beer pairing. Goes from 4-7pm everyday.

Continuing on the topic of juicy wings, Tiger Curry has also launched its first ever Wing Eating Competition, which is available now until August 2. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted, as I had a taster of the different spiciness tiers and was practically in tears by level 3 (I am serious weak sauce when it comes to spice). There are 4 levels of spiciness, with the chicken wings looking more loaded with each level. Mind you, these aren't dainty little half-wings - they're the full damn arm from shoulder to wing tip, so you better arrive on an empty stomach for any hopes of winning! Only 4 people have completed the challenge so far, with the fastest completing the challenge in 9m30s. Winner gets the meal for free, and losers simply pay HK$148 for it.

Read on for a visual of the 1) wing eating comp, 2) a peek at the new set lunch offering and 3) other a la carte options available on the menu at Tiger Curry.


Tiger Curry | Wing Eating Competition

Spiciness level 1.

Tiger Curry | Wing Eating Competition

Spiciness levels 2, 3, and 4. Get ready for dirty hands as you go down the line!


Tiger Curry | Salad

The Tiger Salad consists of chicken, fresh greens, tomatoes and a runny onsen egg. You can choose between this and another salad as part of the new lunch set.

Tiger Curry | Cheese Mochi

Guests can also choose 2 out of 3 snacks for their second round of food, including these Cheese Mochi, Gyoza and Parmesan Truffle Fries. The Cheese Mochi were really good, would recommend.

Tiger Curry | Gyoza

The Gyoza - tasted like there were pieces of chicken cartilege inside providing a unique crunchy texture.

Tiger Curry | Chicken Curry

A main course option - guests have a few choices for this one, and this is the generous Chicken Curry with Japanese rice.


Tiger Curry | Corn

Corn, bonito flakes, Kewpie mayo and Bulldog sauce. Hearty and reminds me of the flavours of traditional okonomiyaki!

Tiger Curry | White Tiger Udon

This one was one of my favourite dishes of the night! The White Tiger Udon is made with a layer of potato foam at the top, and the soup underneath is rich and comforting with only a slight taste of curry - the perfect amount for me. Coming back for this!

Restaurant Details - Tiger Curry

Tel - +852 2511 1051

Address - G/F 14 Pennington St, Causeway Bay (next to J Plus Hotel by Yoo)

Opening Hours - Mon-Sun, 12pm-11pm

Instagram - @tigercurryhk

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