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STUDIO HK Launches Tasty New Bar Bites Menu

Last night, I checked out Studio HK (go up the same escalator that leads to Play, and enter through a different door), which, in slight contrast to its famous sister clubbing venue Play, brands itself as more of a live music bar rather than an all-out party venue. It's small yet polished, and exudes a classy and intimate vibe.

We started off the night with some of Studio's signature mocktails, including the Gran Paradiso (charred pineapple, mango) and Sriracha Mary, the latter of which was probably one of the best interpretations of the Bloody Mary I've had in Hong Kong. There are different degrees of spiciness to it, and I ordered the recommended "second degree", aka 2 tablespoons of sriracha.

The new bar bites menu was surprisingly delicious and extensive, and as Rose nicely put it, gives other jazz bars like Foxglove a run for their money. Some of my favourites were the salmon skin crisps, topped with a spread of edamame puree and savoury Hokkaido cured ikura; the karaage crunchy fried Japanese chicken with seaweed and garlic aioli dip; and the deep-fried pink prawns complimented by fresh lime and the most addictive jalapeno dip. Oh, and the homemade french fries with mentaiko & wasabi dips. It's elevated comfort food served in easy to eat, bite-sized portions and perfect to pair with a cocktail. At around 9pm, the resident band kicked off and set the mood nicely. Btw, Wednesdays are salsa nights at Studio!

Images of the tasty dishes below:

Gran Paradiso - mocktail.

Sriracha Mary - mocktail.

Top - salmon skin crisps with ikura/edamame spread. Bottom - cold cuts platter.

Grass-fed US organic beef tataki with ponzu and crispy shallots.

Deep-fried crunchy pink prawns with lime and jalapeno dip.

Foie gras rye bread crostini with mango and tomato chutney.

Karaage Japanese fried chicken with lime, seaweed powder and garlic aioli.

Torched Norwegian King Salmon with green juice (celery, jalapeno, cucumber, green apple and bitter melon) and fresh citrus. It was still rare when we cut into it. Yum!

Studio Hong Kong

Address - 1/F On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central HK.

Instagram - @studioclubhk

Opening Hours: 6pm-4am daily

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