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All-You-Can-Eat Paella & Suckling Pig at La Paloma's Weekend Brunch Festival

There are fewer joys in life than a table full of Spanish tapas, gigantic pans of Paella Valenciana cooked tableside, and whole suckling pigs crisped to perfection in a charcoal-sealed el Asador oven. This is a brunch I dreamed about for days afterwards, and the best part? When it comes to unrivalled brunch deals in the city, this one takes the cake - at only HK$250 per person, you can enjoy tapas served to your table, all-you-can-eat paella AND suckling pig, and homemade churros con chocolate. Take advantage of this quick, because surely they're in talks to hitch up prices after watching me inhale a chilling amount of paella/pig over the two hour period we were there.

The first thing we saw was the massive paella pan tended by Chef Vito. I honestly don't know how he was able to balance the flavours so well from working with such a large portion, which apparently, can feed 100 people. Considering that it was only the first day of La Paloma's newly introduced weekend 'brunch festival', the place was packed!

Spanish jamón, chorizos, quesos, olives (so, so good) and pan con tomate - a classic small-bites plate that made me seriously nostalgic for my travels to Spain! Some of the most traditional Spanish tapas appetisers are served to the table before the all-you-can-eat mains begin arriving. Other apps include Tuna Tiradito, raw tuna with a spicy & zesty sauce, a salad with avocado and corn, and Patatas Bravas - spicy potatoes pictured below.

My favourite Spanish Cava to drink in the city is right here at La Paloma - and there's a free-flow option you can go for in addition to the regular price (+HK$160).

The suckling pig was cooked whole in a traditional Spanish-style clay oven (pictured in the back), which was brought over from Castilla y Leon. The temperature is kept consistent at over 400 degrees celsius, and allows the pig to develop a uniquely rich juiciness while the skin turns crisp. This delicacy is native to a region in Spain called Segovia, and it's cooked in the exact same style. Pure and authentic!

We melted. The flavours penetrated deep into the impossibly tender meat, and the skin had a nice crunch to it. We could hardly say no to plate after plate of this arriving to our table!

And of course, the all-you-can-eat paella! We loved the classic flavours of this Valencia-style paella mixta prepared with both seafood and meat. All the different herbs came through, and the lemon added a nice touch. "Socarrat" is a technique La Paloma prides itself in, and it certainly was the best part of the paella, or the rice at the bottom of the pan burnt to toasty perfection.

I couldn't even finish the Homemade Churros with melted chocolate because I was so full from the tapas and mains! I'd have loved to nibble on these while sipping on Cava on the terrace.

Post-brunch drink vibes on the terrace that overlooks the Sai Ying Pun neighbourhood. Brunch goes from 12:30pm-3:00pm every weekend! Get on it.

La Paloma

Tel – 2291-6161

Address – 1/F, SoHo 189, 189 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Website –

Instagram - @lapalomahk

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